Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pumpkins, Tomatoes & Cucumbers, oh my!

The hubby & I went a tad bonkers this year with the garden.  In fact, this was our first year actually having a garden!  We moved into our house last May and hadn't cleared a space for it yet, so this year I was bugging him in early spring to clear out all the old firewood and make way.  Let me give him kudos for the awesome job he did of hauling all the wood to the recycling center, digging up the garden, adding topsoil and fertilizer...I really think he gave the garden life!

So off to the garden center we went Memorial Day weekend.  As first time green-thumbers, we really didn't know what we were doing, so we bought carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoe, beefsteak tomatoe, onion, zucchini, strawberries, watermelon and pumpkin.  We thought we had enough room until the zucchini and pumpkin blossomed overnight, pretty much choking out the strawberries and watermelon.  The tomatoes grew so tall that they fell over (twice), but the hubby finally came up with a contraption that hooked the stakes to the garage.  Phew....crisis averted.  I can't wait for them to ripen so we can make and can some salsa...mmmm...

But what I'm super excited for are the pumpkins!  My daughter is an October Baby, my favorite season is autumn and who doesn't love carving pumpkins?!  This 20 incher is juuuuust starting to turn orange and each day the 3 of us wander back to check its progress.  We have 2 smaller pumpkins on the same vine and hope that they continue growing at the rate they currently are so each of us have a pumpkin to carve in a month or so.  Stay tuned!  =)

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