Monday, October 10, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

At least in my craft room!  Holy moly, I've got so many projects going right now it's almost overwhelming.  It is going to be the year of scarves for Christmas this year and I almost have all the yarn I need.  I ordered a vast majority of it from Knit Picks this year, my first time ordering from them.

Knit Picks Aloft Mohair in Sky and Silver
So far, so good!  The colors are amazing!  I wish these pictures did the yarn more justice, but hopefully photos of the finished projects will be better.  I've chosen a lot of heathered yarns because I honestly couldn't decide on just one color per person. 

Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Seraphim
There will only be one gift that is not a scarf, and I'm pretty excited about it!  I will be making an open cardigan that is really chic and can be worn from fall to spring.  It's for my sister-in-law, but if it turns out as cute as I'm thinking, I'll be making another for myself! 

In addition to these gifts, I'm working on some other crafty items to share with you this holiday season.  I'm still trying out some dishcloth patterns, so stay tuned!  =)

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