Thursday, November 1, 2012

Christmas Knitting

Today marks the beginning of the holiday season for me.  All of my focus is now zeroed in on knitted gifts if I'm ever going to make the deadlines I've set for myself.  Here's a couple things I'll be working on the coming weeks:

Shawl Collar Cowl by Purl Soho
This cowl was love at first sight!  I knew exactly which family member would be the recipient and I can't wait to start it.  Best of's a FREE pattern!
Chic Cowl by Lauren Riker
I've actually made 2 of these already.  I just love this pattern!  The cable columns keep it interesting and the yarn is so fun!  Red Heart Boutique Changes is what the pattern calls for -- I've used the grey and the blue already.  The last time I was at Michael's I discovered Red Heart Boutique Magical.  Basically the same thing, just with color changes as well as texture changes.  This is another free pattern.
Yellow Brick Road by Mona Schmidt
This cowl is as versatile as it is functional.  I may have to make one for myself after all is said and done!  =)
Mediumweight Pullover by Hannah Fettig
This one might get a little tricky.  The intended recipient has no idea that I'm making her a sweater, even though she has requested one for just shy of a year now.  I'm relying on stealth elves to get me the measurements I need...cross your fingers for me!

Green Apple by Monika Sirna
Last but certainly not least is this cute little dress for my Loreli.  She's such a girly girl and is devasted that dress season is over.  I thought this would cheer her up plus it was just too cute to resist.

My list is lofty and ambitious but I'm fairly confident that I'll get it done.

What's on your holiday knitting to-do list?


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